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Trysull and Seisdon Parish Council Councillors

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Election Results

Notice of Elections 2nd May 2019

Trysull Ward & Seisdon Ward

                                No Vacancies


Cllr. Andrew Hingley-Smith (Elected 2nd May 2019)

(Resigned 17th October 2020 / Co-opted 11th November 2020)

Ward: Seisdon

Conservative Party Candidate

Parish Council - Chairman

Finance and Governance Committee

Web Site Editor and Administrator

Trysull and Seisdon Charity Trustee - Chairman (External)

Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee (External)

Cllr. Jo Johns (Co-opted 14th October 2020)

Ward: Trysull

Parish Council - Vice Chairman

Trysull and Seisdon Charity Trustee 

Women's Institute - Local Committee Member

Cllr. Jacqueline Roobottom (Co-opted 12th June 2019)

Ward: Seisdon

Cllr. Mike Kelly (Elected 2nd May 2019)

Ward: Trysull

Finance and Governance Committee

Trysull and Seisdon Playing Fields Committee (External)

Cllr. Jon Harris (Co-opted 8th September 2021)

Ward: Seisdon

Cllr. Stephen Beard (Co-opted 15th September 2021)

Ward: Seisdon

Cllr. Sarah Day (Co-opted 13th October 2021)

Ward: Trysull

Cllr. Michael Smith (Co-opted 13th October 2021)

Ward: Trysull

Cllr. Craig Smith (Co-opted 11th May 2022)

Ward: Seisdon

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