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Trysull and Seisdon Parish Council

                                               Role of the Parish Council


The role of any Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole community. It is the first tier of local government supporting the democratic process. The Parish Council is a corporate body, created by law and is accountable to the local community.

Parish Councils’ powers and duties are laid out by statute which includes the power to raise money through taxation. As custodians of taxpayers’ money Parish Councils are strictly regulated. Our adopted Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Policies provide the regulatory framework that will ensure both legal compliance and the delivery of best practice.

Parish Council’s decisions are the responsibility of the whole body and are made collectively and by the majority of Parish Councillors.

Parish Councillors are your elected representatives to the Parish Council with elections taking place every four years. The full complement of our Parish Council is nine, five Councillors representing Seisdon ward and four representing Trysull ward.

Whereas Parish Councillors all volunteer their time, expertise and resources for free the Parish Council employs a Parish Clerk to attend to its administrative affairs and assist with implementation of its decisions.

Our mission statement is simple:

To openly engage with, listen to and represent the best interests of the residents we serve, to improve their quality of life and that of the local environment.

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